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close X Newart Collective aims to collaborate with local creatives in Far-North Queensland to provide professional growth opportunities, including skill-building, technical expertise, production values, and employment opportunities within the creative arts community. By doing so, we aim to contribute to the growth and sustainability of the creative community in the region, while reinvesting profits into our mission as a not-for-profit social enterprise.

Developing People

Newart Collective exists for people seeking to develop their technical and production expertise in their chosen field within the creative industries through workshops, training, and paid engagement.

Newart Collective provides opportunities to access and utilise equipment and facilities for training and employment that would otherwise be beyond the reach of individuals or small entities.

The beneficiaries are a diverse, multicultural, and collective group ranging from newcomers to experienced.

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Connecting with community and industry

One of the aims of Newart Collective is to connect people with their creative community and industry. This is achieved by initiating opportunities for individuals and self-funded collaborators to connect across various creative disciplines and with the broader community. This collaboration encompasses creative fields, including visual arts, design, media, music, film, performing arts, and writing.

In addition to technical upskilling, Newart Collective fosters a creative and growth-oriented environment where collaborators can work together.

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Enabling employment and remuneration

Newart Collective’s wide-reaching network of connections enables creatives from all areas of the creative arts to achieve professional employment and engagement.

Our focus on empowering people from all creative fields, including visual arts, design, media, music, film, performing arts, writing and more, allows us to foster a more vibrant and sustainable creative arts industry.

In addition, by offering opportunities for professional growth and remuneration, we help to create a more supportive and inclusive community of creatives.

The beneficiaries of our work are the individuals and groups across the creative arts industry who can expand their skills, develop their careers, and showcase their work to a broader audience.

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